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Interstate Transportation Emergency Grant Opens Internship Doors

Posted: 09.34

Lola has never been one to let financial circumstances affect any opportunity she desires or goal she sets for herself. Growing up, medicals bills and hospital stays for a sibling placed many financial strains on Lola’s family. But it was this experience that inspired Lola to work towards her academic goals of pursuing a career in public health and medicine.

Lola refused to let a quality college education and achieving her dreams be determined by her family’s financial position, so when she was accepted to New York University Lola came to Central Scholarship to help fill the financial gap.

After a successful second year studying at New York University, Lola decided to take advantage of an internship with the Maryland Department of Health within the Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities. Originally when Lola sought out this opportunity it was scheduled to be remote because of the pandemic. However, as state guidelines changed, and government agencies started to open again the requirements of the internship shifted and Lola would now need to report to the Maryland Department of Health’s office in Baltimore 3 days per week.

Participating in the internship would cause a financial strain for Lola, but she did not want to miss out on the opportunity. With a paying job as well as other research and volunteer commitments in New York City, she would have to remain in the city to fulfill those duties. To also be able to continue the internship with the Maryland Department of Health meant that she would have to commute to and from Maryland every week and cut back on hours at her paying job in New York.

With the help of the Emergency Fund, taking a train between New York and Baltimore every week was not a financial barrier to Lola successfully being able to complete her internship experience.
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