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 For almost 100 years, Central Scholarship has provided support to Maryland residents pursuing accredited college degrees and career training certificates.

Our alumni have gone on to pursue careers in medicine, law, engineering, education, technology, finance, construction, and other fields across the globe.

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We consider our recipients and alumni family, so we would love to hear how things are going! What have you been up to over the months/years? We in turn will keep you updated about what’s happening at Central Scholarship (events, volunteer opportunities, additional scholarships and more). Or if you are ever in Owings Mills, stop by the office and see us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Central Scholarship Alumni Network?

Our Alumni Network is a place for all former Central Scholarship recipients to join together as they pursue opportunities in their career, social life, and community. We use our alumni pages to post important information about the education industry, job opportunities, professional development, and more!

Who is allowed to join the Central Scholarship Alumni Network?

The Alumni Network is intended for any former recipient of a Central Scholarship award who completed their degree/certification program. We also routinely invite our Board Members, donors, and other established community members to contribute to the Alumni Network.

Do I have to pay a fee to become a member of the alumni network?

No. The Alumni Network is 100% free to join for all former recipients.

What are the benefits of joining the Alumni Network?

By joining the CS Alumni Network, you will expand your ability to stay up-to-date on the news and accomplishments of Central Scholarship students, alumni, and community members. It will also give you a platform to connect with the unique talents of individuals who share roots with Central Scholarship. The Central Scholarship Alumni Network hosts exclusive insights on upcoming events, access, and industry resources that are difficult to find elsewhere.

What can the Alumni Network do for me?

The Alumni Network is intended to help support the professional growth of former award recipients. It is our hope that our network of scholars will continue to share knowledge, insight, and experience to help each other reach success.

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