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Hal Cohen Endowed Scholarship Fund recipient Eric Roberts

Eric, Public Health Advocate

Posted: 05.18.16

Eric Roberts, a Hal Cohen Endowed Scholarship Fund recipient, completed his dissertation work at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Carefirst established the fund to honor the incredible legacy of Dr. Cohen, renowned health care economist. The fund helps students pursuing undergraduate or masters degrees in healthcare policy, healthcare financing or economics.  Eric defended his dissertation in the spring of last year. Titled “Essays on Markets for Primary Care Services for Medicaid Adults”, his dissertation explores how adults in the Medicaid program use health care services and the effects of the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid on the use of health care services.

Eric is currently in a post-bac fellowship at Harvard Medical School. He is awaiting several article publications, and gives credit to Hal Cohen in one of them. Central Scholarship is proud to fund students like Eric who advocate for a more fair and efficient health care system.