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William and Richard Shock Scholarship Recipient Peggy Houng

Peggy, Harpist

Posted: 10.26.16

Peggy Houng has been playing instruments from the time she was in kindergarten. She matriculated with a dual Bachelor’s in Cognitive Science and Harp Performance from Johns Hopkins University in 2014 and continued on to Indiana University where she is in the second year of a Master of Music degree in Harp Performance. Peggy has had the opportunity to travel to different countries to compete in harp competitions and tour with an orchestra. She performed in Asia during a three-week tour and she has taught children and organized recitals in her spare time.

Peggy hopes to ultimately continue her studies at the doctorate level, start a private harp studio, and obtain a teaching position at a university. She writes that she “could not imagine a life without music” because it “inspires her every day.” Peggy was recently featured in a Baltimore Sun article and video report about musicians who bring joy to residents at a senior home. Central Scholarship was proud to award Peggy with a scholarship from the William and Richard Shock Endowed Scholarship Fund.