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Shaquil, DJ & Film Student at Stevenson

Posted: 02.28.14

Central Scholarship recipient Shaquil "DJ Shaq" TimmonsThis month’s featured scholar is Shaquil Timmons.  In order to help pay for tuition at Stevenson University, Shaquil received the Woodlawn Alumni Scholarship from Central Scholarship.  He will graduate from Stevenson this spring with his bachelor’s in film.  When asked about his film major, Shaquil explains his choice.  “I wanted to explore the art of storytelling,” says Shaquil, “I love creating films.” Before Shaquil’s love of film came about, he discovered a love for music.  “In the sixth grade, I decided to become a DJ,” he says.  Although he is about to begin his professional career, Shaquil never stopped DJing and credits his early love of music as what opened him up to the world of art and film.  Central Scholarship helped Shaquil with multiple scholarships throughout his undergraduate career.  We are able to fund students for up to four years and award up to $10,000 in scholarship per year.  If you are a student, you may apply now through the April 1st deadline.