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It has been a busy fall…

It has been a busy fall…

Posted: 10.31.12

Central Scholarship staff mapping priorities at the staff retreat

We’ve been mighty busy here at Central Scholarship this fall.  After sorting through over 5,000 students applications and awarding our 2012 scholarship winners in time for fall semester, we are back to the grind focusing on program outreach and learning about the latest trends in higher education.  In September, staff left the office and headed to the Retreat and Conference Center at Bon Secours for an exploration into how we can improve our services to our students.  We brainstormed and discussed ways to improve our program, development, and operations efforts.  Regrouping outside of the office was an invaluable experience and staff returned to the office re-energized, driven and more enthusiastic than ever. In addition to inviting students to our office for annual focus groups where we gather ideas for how to improve our services, we are constantly looking for new ways to help students in our community and provide a better experience for our scholarship winners.  (Pictured: Jennifer Bauer, Program Manager, re-arranging our student application process.)

In October, our Development team, Jessica Schmidt-Bonifant and Lucy Sytov, traveled to Austin, Texas for the National Scholarship Providers Conference (NSPA).  They delivered a presentation about the importance of online presence during a session titled The Magnifier Effect: How Social Media Channels Can Build Your Scholarship Program’s Web of Recipients, Allies and Supporters.  The NSPA is a rare opportunity for scholarship providers from around North America to gather and discuss challenges that organizations are facing and propose solutions.  Foundations, Jessica Schmidt-Bonifant, Development Director and Lucy Sytov, Development Coordinator at NSPA Conference
Community Organizations, Non Profit Organizations, Institutions for Higher Learning and For Profit Organizations all gathered to compare notes and elevate our mission.  During Central Scholarship’s presentation, Jessica and Lucy shared the stage with David Neff, Senior Management Consultant at Ant’s Eye Media; and Jane Thompson, Executive Director at TD Scholarships.

All in all, it has been a busy couple of months and with Thanksgiving approaching, we are ever so thankful for our donors who allow us to help more and more students, and to our students for never failing to impress us with their motivated hearts and inspiring stories.  Thank you!  (Pictured: Jessica Schmidt-Bonifant, Development Director and Lucy Sytov, Development Coordinator.)