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Shaquil, DJ & Film Student at Stevenson

Shaquil, DJ & Film Student at Stevenson

Posted: 02.28.14

Central Scholarship recipient Shaquil "DJ Shaq" TimmonsThis month’s featured scholar is Shaquil Timmons.  In order to help pay for tuition at Stevenson University, Shaquil received the Woodlawn Alumni Scholarship from Central Scholarship.  He will graduate from Stevenson this spring with his bachelor’s in film.  When asked about his film major, Shaquil explains his choice.  “I wanted to explore the art of storytelling,” says Shaquil, “I love creating films.” Before Shaquil’s love of film came about, he discovered a love for music.  “In the sixth grade, I decided to become a DJ,” he says.  Although he is about to begin his professional career, Shaquil never stopped DJing and credits his early love of music as what opened him up to the world of art and film.  Central Scholarship helped Shaquil with multiple scholarships throughout his undergraduate career.  We are able to fund students for up to four years and award up to $10,000 in scholarship per year.  If you are a student, you may apply now through the April 1st deadline.

2013-2014 Scholarship Application is Open

Posted: 01.02.13

2013 fireworks

Who Should Apply???  

High school seniors planning to attend college, current college students, graduate students, and professional students too! There are over one million dollars in awards available across forty unique scholarship programs.

Central Scholarship awards hundreds of scholarships to outstanding students just like you! Apply by April 1st to be considered for multiple scholarship awards ranging from $1,500 to $10,000.


  • Maryland Resident (or reside within 200 miles of Baltimore City)
  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Family income below $90,000
  • GPA of 2.7 or higher to be competitive
  • Enrolled in, or applying to,  an accredited US college/university


This year, in addition to the General Application 2013 which qualifies you for over 40 scholarship programs, Central Scholarship has a new matching feature to pair you with very specific scholarships that may fit you!

Note: Semi-finalists will be contacted on a rolling basis in June and early July.

To apply, you will need to have a resume and your Student Aid Report (SAR) which can be accessed at

Teaona, Howard University Student

Posted: 12.17.12

Alumni Scholarship at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute recipient Teaona Tyree

Our December Scholar of the Month is Teaona Tyree, a Marketing Major at Howard University.  As a Team Leader in the School of Business’s 21st Century Advantage Program, she was a mentor to ten freshman girls working on their academic matriculation and on a year-long business plan project.  She has been a summer intern with Unilever in their Cincinnati and New York offices.

This year, Teaona was part of a team in the L’Oreal Brandstorm competition that developed a product line, wrote a business plan, and created a marketing strategy for The Body Shop.  This past December, her team competed on the university level against others teams at Howard University and was selected to go to nationals in New York City.  As a result of her hard work, Teaona was offered an internship with L’Oreal in New York this summer.

Teaona was recently elected as the Undergraduate Student Representative for the School of Business.  In this position, she oversees a $500,000 student facilities budget, advocates for student grievances, and hosts programs that foster relationships between students and corporate sponsors.  We awarded Teaona with an Alumni Scholarship at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.  The Baltimore Polytechnic Institute is one of our alumni scholarships helping students in Baltimore schools.  For more information about our scholarship application, please click here.

Ryan Murrill, Morehouse College Graduate

Posted: 11.19.12

Central Scholarship recipient Ryan Murrill

Every month, we feature a scholarship recipient on our blog.  November’s Scholar of the Month, Ryan Murrill, ran for Student Government during his freshman year at Morehouse College.  “The whole concept of developing a campaign platform, getting volunteers, and writing speeches was foreign to me,” he writes.  So Ryan reached out to upperclassmen already in Student Government and with their support, he ran a successful campaign and was elected Sophomore Class Secretary.   “Without the supportive and nurturing atmosphere that Morehouse afforded me, I may not have developed the confidence and eagerness to become involved in a student leadership position.”

Ryan speaks highly of Morehouse College and imagines himself joining the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Shelton Spike Lee, and Dr. Maynard Jackson — all Morehouse alumni.  Ryan was accepted into the Adam Scholar Program, a yearly commitment of 300 community service hours in the Atlanta community.  Through this program, he had the opportunity to give back to the community and be introduced to the Fulton County Superior Court Ambassadors Program.  Since Ryan hopes to continue to law school after leaving Morehouse, he decided to work at the court house and assist the court grant writer in getting drug rehabilitation programs approved.  Ryan is passionate about repeat offenders, illiteracy, employment, and substance abuse.

Following graduation, Ryan decided to take an interim before law school and gain work experience.  He is working as a public finance paralegal at a Baltimore law firm.  He plans to enroll in an LSAT prep course soon and take the exam in 2013.

Chidiogo, our Scholar of the Month

Posted: 09.24.12

Straus Scholarship recipient Chidiogo Nkume

Chidiogo Nkume is a student at the University of Maryland.  She is a double major in Psychology and Sociology and she was awarded a Straus Scholarship.  At this year’s Student Awards Ceremony in July, Chidiogo was a student speaker who inspired the audience when she told the story of her and her parents emigrating from Nigeria to come to the U.S.  She hopes to continue on to earn her Master’s Degree and pursue her dream of becoming a psychologist.