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Ryan Murrill, Morehouse College Graduate

Ryan Murrill, Morehouse College Graduate

Posted: 11.19.12

Central Scholarship recipient Ryan Murrill

Every month, we feature a scholarship recipient on our blog.  November’s Scholar of the Month, Ryan Murrill, ran for Student Government during his freshman year at Morehouse College.  “The whole concept of developing a campaign platform, getting volunteers, and writing speeches was foreign to me,” he writes.  So Ryan reached out to upperclassmen already in Student Government and with their support, he ran a successful campaign and was elected Sophomore Class Secretary.   “Without the supportive and nurturing atmosphere that Morehouse afforded me, I may not have developed the confidence and eagerness to become involved in a student leadership position.”

Ryan speaks highly of Morehouse College and imagines himself joining the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Shelton Spike Lee, and Dr. Maynard Jackson — all Morehouse alumni.  Ryan was accepted into the Adam Scholar Program, a yearly commitment of 300 community service hours in the Atlanta community.  Through this program, he had the opportunity to give back to the community and be introduced to the Fulton County Superior Court Ambassadors Program.  Since Ryan hopes to continue to law school after leaving Morehouse, he decided to work at the court house and assist the court grant writer in getting drug rehabilitation programs approved.  Ryan is passionate about repeat offenders, illiteracy, employment, and substance abuse.

Following graduation, Ryan decided to take an interim before law school and gain work experience.  He is working as a public finance paralegal at a Baltimore law firm.  He plans to enroll in an LSAT prep course soon and take the exam in 2013.