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Brian, Scholar of the Month

Brian, Scholar of the Month

Posted: 01.20.15

Scholarship Brian with Governor O'Malley at the City College 175th Anniversary Gala
Brian graduated from City College in Baltimore and began his college career in the fall at Albright College.  He enjoys learning about finance and hopes to become an accountant one day.  “By becoming an accountant, I believe I can help people tremendously and bring them knowledge such as investment advice and budgeting tips to make their finances easier to manage,” writes Brian.  “By doing this, I will help people who are ignorant to the fact that they must plan for their future.”  During winter break, he volunteered at the local elementary school helping students with their homework.  Brian is planning a study abroad trip to Greece and had the opportunity to meet Governor O’Malley at last year’s City College 175th Anniversary Gala.  Brian is pictured on the left with Governor O’Malley.

1 in 10 Chance of Winning Up To $10,000 Scholarship

Posted: 03.04.13

Central Scholarship logo

Even though they were busy with classes, work, and school — they applied for local scholarships.  With only ONE MONTH until the April 1st deadline, wouldn’t you like to know why local scholarships like ours are worth your time and energy?

Because we’re local, our pool of applicants is smaller – which means it’s easier for you to apply and win.

We do not require any letters of recommendation and providing your resume is optional. You only need THREE ITEMS to submit your General application!

1. One paragraph about your career/college goals
2. One paragraph about a challenge you overcame
3. Your Student Aid Report

Winning is easier too. For a national scholarship (such as the Coca-Cola Scholars) your chance of winning is about .025%. But if you apply with us? Closer to 10%.

Applying with Central Scholarship gives you a 1 in 10 chance of winning up to $10,000.

Central Scholarship has been providing financial aid to Maryland students for almost 90 years, so we know where you’re coming from. We’re familiar with your neighborhood and your school, and we understand the challenges you face as you pursue your education.

Plus, all types of students are eligible for our awards–from high school seniors planning to go to college for the first time, to undergraduate and graduate students,  to students pursuing professional degrees in fields like social work, medicine, or law, to students seeking non-degree career or technology training. We have nearly 40 different scholarship programs, so chances are, you can find a Central Scholarship award that’s right for you. 

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Central Scholarship’s April 1st deadline is only ONE MONTH AWAY!   Apply now.

Call: 1-855-276-0239
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