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Meet the first MONEY Magazine Scholarship Winner

Meet the first MONEY Magazine Scholarship Winner

Posted: 05.16.12

MONEY Magazine Scholarship Winner Michael Greene

Finishing out his senior year at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Michael Greene received news that Central Scholarship awarded him with a MONEY Magazine Scholarship.  Poly is a high school in Baltimore known for its emphasis on science and engineering, and Michael plans on pursuing engineering as a career path.  Michael is a member of the National Honor Society, Air Force JROTC and the varsity tennis team.  Michael participated in the American Cancer Society “Race for the Cure” and he also served as an international missionary to Ghana West Africa for Huber Memorial Church.  Michael was accepted as a freshman in the honors program at Morgan State University where he hopes to pursue a degree in electrical engineering.

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Students who attended Central Scholarship’s COLLEGE CASH 101 in March of this year were eligible to apply for a MONEY Magazine scholarship.  Michael took advantage of the opportunity and he is the first of four winners.  At COLLEGE CASH 101, students learned about how to find money and how to manage it.  Michael says, “This event was awesome! Everyone knows that information is power and students need a lot information to help them make good choices about financing their college educations and how they can take advantage of the many opportunities that exist for students in today’s challenging economy.”

Michael’s winning essay is below:

The most impactful message I heard during the March 31, 2012 College Cash 101 was delivered by Ms. Jennifer Bauer. Ms. Bauer said “there is money out there for you if you do your homework and make sure you are prepared”.  I listened as she shared information about many grant and scholarship opportunities that are available for undergraduate and graduate students.  I could tell that she cared and wanted everyone to be as excited about college and learning as she appeared to be. Many of the topics she discussed forced me to think about my strategy for obtaining scholarships. I know that my work doesn’t end once I’m accepted to college. I also enjoyed learning about the importance of a student budget.  I know that my mother will not be able to spend a lot of extra money on me because she will need to care for my younger sister and take care of household bills.  College does not mean that your family has to go bankrupt and that as a student; you don’t have to be cash poor.

The biggest eye-opening moment for me related to the importance of having a good SAT score. I know that this is very true because each time I took the test and raised my score, I got additional scholarship opportunities.  I learned that the admissions process and financial aid process are closely related.  I appreciate the help I received during high school because it prepared me to be competitive in the scholarship arena. The most important take away from the event is that college is an opportunity to plan the rest of your life. Many of the speakers seemed to share the common message that college is a positive experience where most of your learning happens outside of the classroom. The common theme for me was “life planning”. It may seem like a big deal to some students still in high school, but it’s real. I also enjoyed the one-on-one sessions with the college financial aid counselors. I met with a representative from the University of Maryland and Morgan State University. I understand how the process works.

My future career goal is to become an Electrical Engineer because the field deals with the use of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to make new tools.  I have chosen to apply to colleges and universities that have strong engineering programs and that support students with great internship opportunities. My educational goal is to pursue both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of electrical engineering. I’m interested in Electrical engineering because it deals with how we use electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to make new tools. I think that this will allow me to learn more about power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications if I decide to work for NASA or a private company. I like engineering because it is a broad career field and it allows me flexibility in finding the right use for my skills. I know that there are ways to use existing ideas and materials to help employee the next generation of people in our country. I believe that it is my job to create opportunities once I become trained in this field.  I would like to be considered for this scholarship because of my academic success at Poly, my contributions to the school community and greater Baltimore community and to help offset the financial burdens for my mother.

If I had to choose a way to improve next year’s event, I would suggest that you try to ensure more senior high students attend the program. I would partner with a local radio station that targets youth and spread the word. I would also have a contest that would publicly recognize the school with the most students that attended. It would be nice to have student sessions where kids could share what they did to get scholarships. I would invite freshmen college students who received scholarships to come back and talk to new applicants to share secrets of success.

Congratulations to Michael for winning the first MONEY Magazine Scholarship!  Stay tuned to find out who else won this year.