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Donna, Social Worker

Donna, Social Worker

Posted: 03.26.15

Scholarship recipient Donna Jackson
Donna Jackson first came to Central Scholarship in 2005. She was 41 years old and a mother of three. In addition to maintaining a full-time job, she was also enrolled as a full-time student. Her career involved helping addicts get clean at a rehabilitation clinic and she was passionate about helping others get through this rough period of their lives. Although Donna was doing all that she could to pay for school, it was not enough. Thanks to several scholarships, Donna earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Morgan State University.

Upon receiving her scholarship, Donna wrote, “There are no words to express my gratitude for allowing me to have this wonderful helping hand. When I received the email from you, a gigantic weight was lifted off my shoulders and so much stress dissipated. I will do my best to make the scholarship committee proud by always giving 110% effort in my studies.” We are proud to feature Donna as our March Scholar of the Month. Donna furthered her studies and went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Social Work in 2013 and she continues to help those in need to this day.

Mariel, Patient Advocate

Posted: 12.31.14

Central Scholarship recipients: Christina Dorsey (left), Mariel Otter (center), and Sallyn Ratemo (right)
Mariel Otter is passionate about improving psychiatric care for pediatric patients. As a volunteer in the Pediatric Psychiatric Unit at University of Maryland Medical Center, Mariel has seen how disruptive it is for children to shift in and out of inpatient services.  She is currently working on an evidence-based practice research project examining the effect of outpatient service accessibility after discharge in reducing recurrent inpatient psychiatric admissions. Mariel is also waiting to see if she received a CNA position she applied for at the UMD Medical Center. A single parent and driven student, Mariel has set her sights on helping to heal disadvantaged peoples, families, and communities.  Mariel is pictured in the middle along with fellow Central Scholarship recipients, Christina Dorsey (left) and Sallyn Ratemo (right).

Courtney, 90th Anniversary Performer

Posted: 09.29.14

Central Scholarship recipient Courtney Wersick
Since the age of ten, the thing that has made Courtney Wersick happiest is performing. From the moment she stepped onto a little stage in the gymnasium of her elementary school as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she knew she would not be happy in any other career. “I want to spend every day, using music to shed light on the lives of others,” writes Courtney. “I believe music is a universal language – crossing all barriers of culture, class, and race.” Courtney hopes to change the reputation of classical music for the younger generation. She wants to introduce this genre of music to those who may have written it off and showcase its beauty. Courtney is a vocal performance student at Towson University. She sees herself eventually performing around the world sharing music and her voice with others. Courtney was thrilled to receive The Richard Louis Caplan Endowed Scholarship for Music in 2014.  

Now YOU can watch Courtney perform at Central Scholarship’s Got Talent, our 90th anniversary celebration on November 8th.  Buy tickets today and come out for an evening of dinner and performances by our talented performing arts scholarship recipients at the Brown Center at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).  We look forward to watching Courtney perform on stage at MICA next month and we hope you will join us.

Legg Mason Scholarship Fund for Vocational Students Recipient Tavon Daye

Featured Scholar of the Month

Posted: 08.28.14

Congratulations to Tavon Daye, our August Scholar of the Month.  Tavon completed training at CCBC and received his computer repair certification.  He is 23 years old and was born and raised in Baltimore City.  He hopes to set a good example for his two younger sisters by earning certification and skills education to help him begin his career.  In his own words, he writes, “My professional goal is to get all of the education and training that I can get so that I can prepare for an excellent career to support my family, instead of struggling with a nine to five at McDonalds.”

Unfortunately, Pell grants and financial aid are not applicable to Tavon’s training program.  He is from a low-income single-parent home that does not have the financial resources to support Tavon’s educational pursuits so he turned to Central Scholarship.  After receiving The Legg Mason Scholarship Fund for Vocational Students, Tavon thanked us “from the bottom of my heart.”  Central Scholarship’s vocational training scholarship application is open year round and applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  To apply, click here and scroll down to Career & Technology Students.

April’s Scholar of the Month

Posted: 04.30.14

Stanley L. and Dorothy Lobe Cahn Scholarship recipient Olumuyiwa Onibatedo holds his young sister

Olumuyiwa Onibatedo received the Stanley L. and Dorothy Lobe Cahn Scholarship last year.  He is a junior studying biology at Towson University.  Born in Nigeria, his decision to pursue a medical career resulted from his experiences as a child.  He recalls a deep curiosity when he visited the doctor in Nigeria and would follow the professionals around asking why and how they diagnosed their patients.  Today, he is a straight-A student despite financial difficulties.  He helps support his family in a single-mother household.  His father left abruptly several years ago so Olumuyiwa took a financial role in the family.  Olumuyiwa works and supports his younger siblings including his two-year old sister (pictured).  He writes, “I was brought up to see every struggle as a blessing in disguise, to know that everything happens for a reason, and to use my struggles as motivation for being the best I could be.”

Shaquil, DJ & Film Student at Stevenson

Posted: 02.28.14

Central Scholarship recipient Shaquil "DJ Shaq" TimmonsThis month’s featured scholar is Shaquil Timmons.  In order to help pay for tuition at Stevenson University, Shaquil received the Woodlawn Alumni Scholarship from Central Scholarship.  He will graduate from Stevenson this spring with his bachelor’s in film.  When asked about his film major, Shaquil explains his choice.  “I wanted to explore the art of storytelling,” says Shaquil, “I love creating films.” Before Shaquil’s love of film came about, he discovered a love for music.  “In the sixth grade, I decided to become a DJ,” he says.  Although he is about to begin his professional career, Shaquil never stopped DJing and credits his early love of music as what opened him up to the world of art and film.  Central Scholarship helped Shaquil with multiple scholarships throughout his undergraduate career.  We are able to fund students for up to four years and award up to $10,000 in scholarship per year.  If you are a student, you may apply now through the April 1st deadline.

We’ve Moved!

Posted: 03.21.13

Central Scholarship board conference room

We are excited to announce that Central Scholarship moved to our new offices this month. We are now located at 6 Park Center Court, Suite 211, Owings Mills, MD.  We’re thrilled to have a larger space to house student interviews and show presentations.  Students who take public transportation to our office may take the metro to Pikesville or Owings Mills.  As we help more students, Central Scholarship is growing to support students through traditional undergraduate/graduate scholarships as well as our career and trade school scholarships.

We are in the midst of our application season with under two weeks to go until the April 1st deadline for degree-seeking students.  Almost 4,000 students have already applied.  We have rolling admission for our career and trade school programs and students may apply here.  Students and parents may call 1.855.276.0239 for more information about the application process.

Tierra, Single Mother & Scholar of the Month

Posted: 01.24.13

January’s Scholar of the Month is Tierra Mills — a top student in her pharmacy technician cohort at CCBC.  Tierra is a single mother of two daughters and she is determined to set a positive example for her children.  Interested in a pharmacist career, Tierra knew that she was unable to attend school full time at this time and decided that she would enter the field through pharmacy technician training.  Without a scholarship, Tierra would have been forced to take out a student loan.  Tierra writes, “Paying back student loans would only hinder my dream of moving out of my neighborhood and providing a better future for both my kids and me.”  At Central Scholarship, we are especially proud to help driven single mothers pursue their careers of choice through certificate training, undergraduate school, or graduate programs.

If you are interested in scholarships for  classes at CCBC in pharmacy tech and CDL training, the deadline is March 15th and the application can be found here.  If you are pursuing certificate training at a community college or private career school such as HVAC or nursing assistant, apply for a scholarship here.  For vocational training, the scholarship application deadline is a rolling deadline.  Students may apply anytime as applications are reviewed on a monthly basis.

For undergraduate and graduate students, the application deadline is April 1st and the application is available here.

Ryan Murrill, Morehouse College Graduate

Posted: 11.19.12

Central Scholarship recipient Ryan Murrill

Every month, we feature a scholarship recipient on our blog.  November’s Scholar of the Month, Ryan Murrill, ran for Student Government during his freshman year at Morehouse College.  “The whole concept of developing a campaign platform, getting volunteers, and writing speeches was foreign to me,” he writes.  So Ryan reached out to upperclassmen already in Student Government and with their support, he ran a successful campaign and was elected Sophomore Class Secretary.   “Without the supportive and nurturing atmosphere that Morehouse afforded me, I may not have developed the confidence and eagerness to become involved in a student leadership position.”

Ryan speaks highly of Morehouse College and imagines himself joining the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Shelton Spike Lee, and Dr. Maynard Jackson — all Morehouse alumni.  Ryan was accepted into the Adam Scholar Program, a yearly commitment of 300 community service hours in the Atlanta community.  Through this program, he had the opportunity to give back to the community and be introduced to the Fulton County Superior Court Ambassadors Program.  Since Ryan hopes to continue to law school after leaving Morehouse, he decided to work at the court house and assist the court grant writer in getting drug rehabilitation programs approved.  Ryan is passionate about repeat offenders, illiteracy, employment, and substance abuse.

Following graduation, Ryan decided to take an interim before law school and gain work experience.  He is working as a public finance paralegal at a Baltimore law firm.  He plans to enroll in an LSAT prep course soon and take the exam in 2013.

Thanksgiving Thoughts — We Need Your Help!

Posted: 11.15.12

a grateful Central Scholarship award recipient

Central Scholarship is a fantastic financial resource for students in Maryland.  We know this.  You know this.  How can we get others to know this?  Easy — take 5 minutes out of your day to post a review about us on  When others see that we (like last year) are a top-rated Education non profit in 2012, they will know that we are making a real difference in the community.

Are you a grateful scholarship recipient?  A donor to our cause?  Are you a volunteer?  An education professional?  Perhaps a parent of a student who received a scholarship?  We will be grateful to YOU if you take a few minutes to share your thoughts about us with the world.  Click here to begin.   Before you are able to post, you will be asked to create a profile which is a quick process.

Last year, scholarship recipient Lauren wrote…

“Central Scholarship really helped change my college experience. While I could afford to go to college with my parents help, it was a real strain and I had to work so much that it cut into my study time. With Central Scholarship’s generous help I was able to graduate in 4 years with a degree in biochemistry and study abroad for a summer in Spain which I never would have been able to do otherwise. I continued working as a resident assistant for room and board but luckily I was able to graduate debt-free with just that one job. They communicate in a very prompt and effective manner and are so compassionate.”Great Nonprofits website page on Central Scholarship screen shot

A parent of a scholarship recipient wrote on the website…

“As a parent of a student who has received an interest free loan, I am grateful. My husband and I have helped our children with their higher education, but can only do so much. The interest free loan my son received was very helpful and much appreciated.”

Have a happy thanksgiving with your friends and family — we give thanks for your help!