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Tierra, Single Mother & Scholar of the Month

Tierra, Single Mother & Scholar of the Month

Posted: 01.24.13

January’s Scholar of the Month is Tierra Mills — a top student in her pharmacy technician cohort at CCBC.  Tierra is a single mother of two daughters and she is determined to set a positive example for her children.  Interested in a pharmacist career, Tierra knew that she was unable to attend school full time at this time and decided that she would enter the field through pharmacy technician training.  Without a scholarship, Tierra would have been forced to take out a student loan.  Tierra writes, “Paying back student loans would only hinder my dream of moving out of my neighborhood and providing a better future for both my kids and me.”  At Central Scholarship, we are especially proud to help driven single mothers pursue their careers of choice through certificate training, undergraduate school, or graduate programs.

If you are interested in scholarships for  classes at CCBC in pharmacy tech and CDL training, the deadline is March 15th and the application can be found here.  If you are pursuing certificate training at a community college or private career school such as HVAC or nursing assistant, apply for a scholarship here.  For vocational training, the scholarship application deadline is a rolling deadline.  Students may apply anytime as applications are reviewed on a monthly basis.

For undergraduate and graduate students, the application deadline is April 1st and the application is available here.