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Eli, Scholar of the Month

Eli, Scholar of the Month

Posted: 10.30.13

Jerome G. and Annette S. Zimmerman Foundation Fund recipient Eli Werdesheim

A senior at Johns Hopkins University studying Business and Finance, Eli Werdesheim is focused on his goal to pursue a career in law. His unique life experiences have prepared him for this endeavor.  He received an interest-free loan from the Jerome G. and Annette S. Zimmerman Foundation Fund at Central Scholarship.

As a young man of only sixteen, Eli left his family and relocated to Israel. For the first time he was truly independent and had to create a life for himself. Times were indeed rough and on occasion Eli found himself homeless and ever grateful for the kindness of strangers. On this journey, Eli enlisted in the Israeli Special Forces. He served as a paratrooper and earned acceptance into one of Israel’s most elite counter-terrorism units. It was here he learned leadership and determination. Although he has experienced these successes, Eli has never forgotten the challenge of looking for work as an uneducated young man.

Eli is proud to be in his final year of undergraduate studies and continues to value education. Eli is confident that he will return Central Scholarship’s generosity tenfold by providing scholarships for ambitious students who cannot afford college.