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Brian, Scholar of the Month

Brian, Scholar of the Month

Posted: 01.20.15

Scholarship Brian with Governor O'Malley at the City College 175th Anniversary Gala
Brian graduated from City College in Baltimore and began his college career in the fall at Albright College.  He enjoys learning about finance and hopes to become an accountant one day.  “By becoming an accountant, I believe I can help people tremendously and bring them knowledge such as investment advice and budgeting tips to make their finances easier to manage,” writes Brian.  “By doing this, I will help people who are ignorant to the fact that they must plan for their future.”  During winter break, he volunteered at the local elementary school helping students with their homework.  Brian is planning a study abroad trip to Greece and had the opportunity to meet Governor O’Malley at last year’s City College 175th Anniversary Gala.  Brian is pictured on the left with Governor O’Malley.

Grant Recipient Cited in Obama’s Morehouse Address

Posted: 05.20.13

Central Scholarship tuition support recipient and Morehouse College graduate Leland Shelton
May 20, 2013, Baltimore MD – A recipient of tuition support from Central Scholarship,  Baltimore’s Leland Shelton, graduated from Morehouse College Sunday with Phi Beta Kappa honors and is about to begin studies at Harvard School of Law.  In this video, Leland talks about the impact Central Scholarship had on his educational dreams.

In a commencement address to Morehouse graduates, President Obama cited the difficulties of young black men growing up and singled out the accomplishments of  Leland Shelton, whose childhood included separation from his mother at the age of 4 and multiple years in foster care.  The President encouraged graduates “to extend a hand to others less privileged” and reflected on his own challenging journey as a young man with an absent father who benefitted from the support of others.  Through the generosity of the Stanley and Evelyn Wagner Scholarship Fund, Central Scholarship provided $40,000 to support Leland throughout his four-year program at Morehouse.

“We’re incredibly proud of Leland,” said CS President Jan Wagner, “and all of our board and staff celebrate his achievements.  Leland is an amazing young man and represents all that is possible for youth in Baltimore.”

Leland, who was president of his class at City College, served as president of the NAACP Chapter on campus, and was active as a National Advocate for Children through the National Foster Care Center.

Since 1924, Central Scholarship has provided financial aid to low-income Maryland students who may receive up to $10,000 a year for undergraduate and professional degrees as well as career training programs.  In recent years, CS has committed over $1 million annually.

For more information about Central Scholarship support of low-income students, and its role in Leland’s journey from Baltimore to Harvard, contact Jan Wagner, CS President, at [email protected] at  410-415-5558.

“Central Scholarship Applauds Grant Recipient Cited in Obama’s Address to Morehouse Graduates”

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