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Eva, PhD Student at Johns Hopkins

Eva, PhD Student at Johns Hopkins

Posted: 02.13.13

Hal Cohen Endowed Scholarship recipient Eva DugoffFebruary’s scholar of the Month is Eva Dugoff, a PhD student at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Raised outside of Washington D.C., Eva became accustomed to political discussions at the dinner table.  Eva first discovered policy while an undergraduate at Georgetown University.  After graduating, she moved to New York City where she worked as an AmeriCorps outreach volunteer at a welfare-to-work job training program.  She was surprised that her clients were just as likely to report wanting higher pay as they were to say they wanted health benefits.  Eva discovered the importance of health insurance and access to health care and she returned to Washington, D.C. to work in this field.

Eva worked at the Medicare Rights Center where she spoke with countless seniors who could not access needed care and could not afford the care they already received.  Later, as a member of Senator Ron Wyden’s health staff, she worked on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but learned that without better research on what works for patients, our policymakers were paralyzed or design policy would be based on guesswork.

Eva’s fourth year of graduate school was uncertain because she could not afford it.  She is looking forward to devoting her time to completing her dissertation with the help of the Hal Cohen Endowed Scholarship and hopes to translate her findings into good health care policy.  Last year, Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield established the Hal Cohen Endowed Scholarship at Central Scholarship.  The fund honors the incredible legacy of Dr. Cohen and enables us to help a student pursuing an undergraduate or masters degree in healthcare policy, or healthcare financing or economics.  Eva shares the passion Dr. Cohen embodied for changing the health care system to help others. We are proud to name Eva as February’s Scholar of the Month and even more proud to help graduate students afford school in a time when scholarships for degrees outside of Bachelor’s degrees are hard to come by.  To apply for graduate school funding, please click here.