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Scholarship Categories

80+ Scholarship Awards Every Year

Central Scholarship manages more than 80 scholarship awards every year that support Maryland residents pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and career training studies. Thanks to our generous donors, we offer a diverse portfolio of scholarship opportunities. The application process is simple – just fill out the online application and we’ll consider you for the scholarship that best matches your qualifications.

General Scholarships

General scholarships support undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in all different fields of study and are available to incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Scholarships for Jewish Students

With deep roots in the Jewish community, we provide scholarships for Jewish students pursuing undergraduate degrees with a special emphasis on those from single-parent households.

Scholarships for Judaic Studies

Through a special fund, we provide scholarships for Jewish students pursuing Judaic studies.

High School Specific Scholarships

Special scholarships are available for graduating seniors from Baltimore Design School, Digital Harbor High School, Baltimore City College, Polytechnic Institute, and Woodlawn High School.

Graduate Scholarships

We are uniquely positioned to offer scholarships for graduate students with an emphasis on education, music performance, and health professions.

Career Training Scholarships

Higher education encompasses career training programs and whether it is called a vocational, career, or CTE program, we provide scholarships in this area.

Specialty Scholarships

Certain scholarships have unique criteria. Examples include first-generation students, students who live in public housing, and students who have law enforcement family members hurt in the line of duty.