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How Kiarra found a new path

Posted: 03.28.19

In high school, Kiarra was an honor roll student all four years with dreams of becoming a certified orthodontist. Growing up she witnessed people being turned down for things like braces because they couldn’t afford it and she started dreaming of opening up a practice that would give more people access to cosmetic dentistry. She originally started working on this goal by enrolling in college as a biology major, but it just didn’t feel right.  She did some research on dental assistant programs and quickly realized this was a different path to becoming an orthodontist. By completing this program, she could start working in the dental field immediately and gain real work experience, while having an income. This would position her to consider future educational options to progress to a dental hygienist and then an orthodontist. Kiarra is such an impressive student because she realized there was not just one path to achieving her goal. The benefits of a career training program allowed her to immediately work in the dentistry field while giving her an income that could empower her to make different educational choices in the future.