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Dicheaker reminds us its never too late to pursue your goals!

Posted: 03.04.19

When Dicheaker was 37 years old she decided to go back to school. Every decision she makes is for her children to show them “regardless  of what you go through you can still push forward and become anything you want.”  She enrolled in a patient care technician program that set her up for a career working in settings such as hospitals and health care agencies to perform tasks like drawing blood and administering other medical tests.  Dicheaker was so successful in her patient care technician program that she didn’t stop there with her education. She enrolled in a respiratory therapy program that would train her to work with patients who have chronic breathing conditions. Once she completed this program, Dicheaker knew “things were really rolling and she could do this.”  Central Scholarship and Dicheaker have played a big part in each other’s lives. We helped push her forward by financially funding her education and she inspires us to keep growing our career training scholarships.