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Margie Warres, former Executive Director of Central Scholarship

Celebrating the Work of Margie Warres

Posted: 11.20.17

Central Scholarship celebrates its history with an update of their history book

Pikesville, MD – Family and friends of Margie Warres gathered at North Oaks, a senior retirement community, to celebrate the updated edition of the book, “The Birth and Blossoming of a Bureau: A History of Central Scholarship, 1924-1988”. The book documenting the original history of Central Scholarship was written by Margie in 1988 as she concluded her role as Executive Director of the Central Scholarship Bureau, a position she held from 1952-1988. The revised book is the result of a friendship formed between Margie and past Board Chair Phyllis Schreter (1956-1958), which continues through Phyllis’s daughter, Carol. Carol initiated the revision and also generously underwrote the cost of reproducing the book.

At the gathering, Margie recalled being a “child president,” following in the footsteps of Lillie Straus and Eleanor Levy, both of whom were instrumental in the creation and early years of Central Scholarship. During her tenure, Central Scholarship evolved to expand from providing vocational scholarships to college scholarships. Margie described her life as both remarkable and beautiful. Jan Moylan Wagner, the current President of Central Scholarship described Margie’s tenure as setting the foundation for today’s work.

Please contact Nancy Fenton, [email protected], or call at 410-415-5558 if you would like a copy of the book.

About Central Scholarship:
Central Scholarship, founded in 1924, awards over $1 million annually in scholarships and interest free loans for career training and undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Central Scholarship also offers College Cash® education sessions to help students and their families become more informed consumers of higher education and reduce their loan burden. For more information, visit

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