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Why Tawanna chose to pursue career training

Why Tawanna chose to pursue career training

Posted: 05.07.19

Tawanna knew her next career move involved becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). This type of position cares for people who are ill or recovering from surgery or a disease and for Tawanna this was the perfect job.  Not everyone is cut out for this type of responsibility, but because she loves working with people and takes the golden rule to heart- always treat others the way you wish to be treated- she knew she would excel.

Even before Tawanna knew about Central Scholarship, she called every Maryland CNA certification program and found out how much each program cost, when classes would be held, and how long it would take to complete. There was just one problem. As a single mother, Tawanna couldn’t afford these programs, but she was determined to find a way.

One day, Tawanna stumbled across Central Scholarship’s career training scholarships. Her first thought was, “This is too good to be true!” Even so, she knew this was her opportunity. She carefully reviewed the application and over the course of 3 days she crafted thoughtful responses and even went back several times to review exactly what she wrote. She wanted it to be perfect and when she felt she had done her best, she pressed the submit button. Now, all she could do was wait.

Tawanna did not get to this point without her share of challenges and she has kept moving forward because of her tenacious and resilient spirit, qualities we should all aspire to. As she waited to hear if she was selected for an interview she thought to herself even if she wasn’t chosen it was wonderful this program would help others achieve their dreams.

It wasn’t too long before Tawanna received a phone call asking her to come in for an interview. She was very excited, but was nervous because she wasn’t sure what to expect. When the day of the interview came and she walked through the door, her nerves began to go away. After all, she had been committed to furthering her career all while juggling the responsibilities of a single mom and she knew how hard she worked for this opportunity. In her interview, she spoke about her career goals and the dreams she hoped to achieve. She left feeling it went well, but was still nervous about the outcome.

As she once again waited for a phone call from Central Scholarship, Tawanna decided that no matter what happened she was determined to complete a CNA program and would find a way. Fortunately, that was not a bridge she had to cross. She was soon notified she had received a career training scholarship and the entire cost of her program would be covered! Tawanna had done so much research on CNA programs prior to receiving the scholarship that she started her program four days after she was notified.

As soon as Tawanna had completed her CNA program she had multiple job opportunities lined up. She is currently working with two different companies and is already thinking about the next steps to achieve her big goal, becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN).

We owe so much gratitude to Tawanna and students just like her who have chosen to pursue career training. Graduates of CNA programs are the ones who provide in-person care to our loved ones when they need help with basic daily activities. We are fortunate to have Tawanna in this profession because of deep appreciation for this responsibility.

Tawanna’s biggest cheerleader is her eight year old son who always makes sure she completes her homework. He is her inspiration to keep growing in her career so she can provide him a great life and we are honored that we have been able to play a role in that journey.

How Kiarra found a new path

Posted: 03.28.19

In high school, Kiarra was an honor roll student all four years with dreams of becoming a certified orthodontist. Growing up she witnessed people being turned down for things like braces because they couldn’t afford it and she started dreaming of opening up a practice that would give more people access to cosmetic dentistry. She originally started working on this goal by enrolling in college as a biology major, but it just didn’t feel right.  She did some research on dental assistant programs and quickly realized this was a different path to becoming an orthodontist. By completing this program, she could start working in the dental field immediately and gain real work experience, while having an income. This would position her to consider future educational options to progress to a dental hygienist and then an orthodontist. Kiarra is such an impressive student because she realized there was not just one path to achieving her goal. The benefits of a career training program allowed her to immediately work in the dentistry field while giving her an income that could empower her to make different educational choices in the future.

November 2017 Scholar of the Month, Richard WHitfield

Meet Richard – November 2017 Scholar of the Month

Posted: 11.10.17

Richard Whitfield is one of the newest commercial drivers in town! He was awarded a career and technology training scholarship from Central Scholarship to attend the North American Trade School in Baltimore, Maryland, a scholarship made possible from funding by The Abell Foundation. He now holds a “Class A” Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

He graduated from Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School in 2014, where he studied masonry. After graduating, he began to take interest in transportation careers and started work as a driver. He has worked for some major local companies including UPS and Amazon. While at Amazon, Richard enjoyed learning how to operate a forklift.

As some time passed, Richard began to see the “bigger picture” and he realized he was ready for a career. His background in transportation piqued his interest in CDL programs. Now, Richard says that things are going “awesome” and that he is so thankful for the scholarship that he received from Central Scholarship. Richard currently works as a “Class A” CDL Driver for United Natural Foods. He looks forward to helping change someone’s life the way that Central Scholarship helped make a change in his life.

Legg Mason Scholarship Fund for Vocational Students Recipient Tavon Daye

Featured Scholar of the Month

Posted: 08.28.14

Congratulations to Tavon Daye, our August Scholar of the Month.  Tavon completed training at CCBC and received his computer repair certification.  He is 23 years old and was born and raised in Baltimore City.  He hopes to set a good example for his two younger sisters by earning certification and skills education to help him begin his career.  In his own words, he writes, “My professional goal is to get all of the education and training that I can get so that I can prepare for an excellent career to support my family, instead of struggling with a nine to five at McDonalds.”

Unfortunately, Pell grants and financial aid are not applicable to Tavon’s training program.  He is from a low-income single-parent home that does not have the financial resources to support Tavon’s educational pursuits so he turned to Central Scholarship.  After receiving The Legg Mason Scholarship Fund for Vocational Students, Tavon thanked us “from the bottom of my heart.”  Central Scholarship’s vocational training scholarship application is open year round and applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  To apply, click here and scroll down to Career & Technology Students.

Wells Fargo Vocational Scholarship and Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Vocational Scholarship recipient Ernestine Saddler

Ernestine, Scholar of the Month

Posted: 11.27.13

Last year, Ernestine Saddler decided to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse, which she had to abandon to care for an ailing family member.  Ernestine altered her career plans and aimed for a CNA/GNA (Certified/Geriatric Nursing Assistant) certificate.  She writes, “In February 2013 I received the opportunity to obtain my Certification as a Nursing Assistant with the help of Central Scholarship, which became the catalyst to jump start my career goals in the healthcare field.  Although I am not a Licensed Registered Nurse, I am determined to become one and with baby steps I will achieve this goal.”

Central Scholarship awarded Ernestine with a Wells Fargo Vocational Scholarship and a Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Vocational Scholarship.  Our funding allowed Ernestine to earn her CNA/GNA certificate.  She reapplied with us this year to move up and earn her PCT (Patient Care Technician) certificate at Stein Academy.  With this under her belt, Ernestine will be able to earn more doing what she loves while she begins taking prerequisite courses toward her nursing degree.

For those interested in career and technology training, Central Scholarship offers vocational scholarships.  The vocational scholarship application remains open year-round and scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis.  The vocational scholarship application will close briefly for the holidays on December 15th, 2013 and re-open on January 1st, 2014.  The application will remain open through December of 2014.