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CS receives contribution from Kamenetz Committee

CS receives contribution from Kamenetz Committee

Posted: 06.14.18

Central Scholarship is honored to receive a contribution from the Committee for Kamenetz in honor of the lifetime work of Kevin Kamenetz. We are grateful to have the opportunity to fulfill Kevin’s commitment to education.

Margie Warres, former Executive Director of Central Scholarship

Celebrating the Work of Margie Warres

Posted: 11.20.17

Central Scholarship celebrates its history with an update of their history book

Pikesville, MD – Family and friends of Margie Warres gathered at North Oaks, a senior retirement community, to celebrate the updated edition of the book, “The Birth and Blossoming of a Bureau: A History of Central Scholarship, 1924-1988”. The book documenting the original history of Central Scholarship was written by Margie in 1988 as she concluded her role as Executive Director of the Central Scholarship Bureau, a position she held from 1952-1988. The revised book is the result of a friendship formed between Margie and past Board Chair Phyllis Schreter (1956-1958), which continues through Phyllis’s daughter, Carol. Carol initiated the revision and also generously underwrote the cost of reproducing the book.

At the gathering, Margie recalled being a “child president,” following in the footsteps of Lillie Straus and Eleanor Levy, both of whom were instrumental in the creation and early years of Central Scholarship. During her tenure, Central Scholarship evolved to expand from providing vocational scholarships to college scholarships. Margie described her life as both remarkable and beautiful. Jan Moylan Wagner, the current President of Central Scholarship described Margie’s tenure as setting the foundation for today’s work.

Please contact Nancy Fenton, [email protected], or call at 410-415-5558 if you would like a copy of the book.

About Central Scholarship:
Central Scholarship, founded in 1924, awards over $1 million annually in scholarships and interest free loans for career training and undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Central Scholarship also offers College Cash® education sessions to help students and their families become more informed consumers of higher education and reduce their loan burden. For more information, visit

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Central Scholarship Board Chair Jerry Focas

Central Scholarship Elects New Board Chair

Posted: 11.16.17

Jerry Focas is new Chair of Central Scholarship’s Board of Directors

Baltimore, MD (November 16, 2017) – Central Scholarship has elected Jerry Focas as the new Chair of its Board of Directors at their September 2017 annual meeting.

Jerry Focas first joined the Central Scholarship Board of Directors in 2014. Mr. Focas is a Partner at Jensen, Hassani, and Focas, P.A. in Towson, MD. He is an alumnus of University of Maryland and University of Baltimore School of Law. Mr. Focas credits fellow board member Larry Kamanitz with recruiting him to the Central Scholarship Board, and sharing his enthusiasm for supporting Maryland students in their pursuit of higher education.

Jerry Focas takes over the role of Board Chair from Ira Wagner, who served as Chair since 2014. As Board Chair, Mr. Wagner oversaw several developments, including the Student Loan Pay Down award and passage of a bill restricting student award displacement at Maryland public universities.

At the September annual meeting, the Central Scholarship Board also elected two new members – Michael Davenport, Manager of Large Customer Services for BGE, and Bruce Rosenberg, an economist and real estate investor.

About Central Scholarship:
Central Scholarship, founded in 1924, awards over $1 million annually in scholarships and interest free loans for career training and undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Central Scholarship also offers College Cash® education sessions to help students and their families become more informed consumers of higher education and reduce their loan burden. For more information, visit

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Central Scholarship Presents $30,000 Award to Cecil County Grad Student

Posted: 08.11.16

Central Scholarship Student Loan Pay-Down Award Winner Angela Anthony
After providing financial aid for Angela Anthony to pursue higher education, Central Scholarship (CS) has dramatically stepped in to help the first generation college student from Warwick pay off her student debt.

At last week’s 2016 Student Awards Ceremony, the nonprofit selected Anthony as the winner in its second annual Student Loan Pay-Down lottery, presenting her with a check for $30,000.

Seven in 10 college seniors graduate with an average of $37,000 in student loan debt. Through the generosity of Ira and Marcia Wagner (CS’ board chair and his wife), CS is presenting the Student Loan Pay-Down Award to one qualifying graduate every year through the nonprofit’s 100th anniversary in 2024.

Anthony’s name was announced after this year’s drawing among 34 eligible candidates.

“I have worked 20 to 30 hours a week since I was an undergrad to pay off my loans, but in an instant, half of my student debt was gone,” said Anthony, who is finishing a master’s program in international development at Eastern University in Pennsylvania. “This is such a blessing!”

“I’m truly thankful for the generosity of this organization,” which is changing the lives of so many students and making their dreams come true – regardless of the burdens that they have,” she added.

After graduating from Bohemia Manor High School and attending Cecil College, Anthony turned to Central Scholarship for interest free loans to help finance her undergraduate tuition.

A Dean’s List student and tennis team captain, Anthony traveled the Atlantic Ocean to Europe, Africa and South America in the Semester at Sea Global Study Abroad Experience, “realizing that not only is there great beauty in this world, but there is also immense poverty.”

“Because of what I saw on my voyage, I decided to become a leader with Youth Against Complacency and Homelessness Today and pursue a career in international development,” she said.

Central Scholarship President Jan Wagner, Board Chair Ira Wagner and his wife Marcia present the Student Loan Pay-Down Award to Angela Anthony
After earning a bachelor’s degree in political science in 2015, she embarked on graduate studies – with more help from Central Scholarship.

“Central Scholarship was a huge supporter of me achieving my undergraduate degree, offering awards each year I was in school which relieved me of a financial burden while I was in school,” she said. “I had hoped that Central Scholarship would be that same blessing for me while pursing my Master’s degree, and thankfully, again they so graciously provided.”

“This extra money in the form of the Interest Free Loan has allowed me to spend more time in my studies and less time working to pay for school,” she added, noting that throughout college, she has worked a variety of jobs including van driver, hostess, merchandiser, assistant lay director at a church and events staff at a catering facility to pay down her loans.

With the $30,000 award, she can be even more career-focused with a lot less pressure on her shoulders.

“Angela Anthony exemplifies the type of students that Central Scholarship looks to fund – those with the drive and determination to go after their goals despite financial hardship,” said Central Scholarship President Jan Moylan Wagner, MBA. “We were delighted to assist her in pursuing higher education and now delighted we can help her pay down her student debt.”

CS Opens 2016 Loan & Scholarship Application Process

Posted: 01.24.16

Student with Files in a hallway
OWINGS MILLS, Md. (Jan. 18, 2016) – Following in its 91-year tradition of helping Marylanders afford higher education, Central Scholarship is now accepting applications for 2016 scholarships and loans.

Maryland students (who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents) with a GPA above 2.0 and plan to attend an accredited U.S. college, university, community college or career school in the upcoming academic year can apply for Central Scholarship awards if they meet the following criteria:

– A family income below $90,000 a year for students pursuing a college degree


– A family income below $66,000 a year for students pursuing career and technology training

Those who have not been a Maryland resident for at least one year, but live within 200 miles of Baltimore City can apply are eligible for interest-free loans only.

Applications will be accepted through Apr. 1, 2016. To download the application, visit For more information, call 410-415-5558.

All students will be evaluated based on grades and application essays. Degree-seeking student semi-finalists will be contacted by email on a rolling basis in May, June and July. Winners will be announced by Aug. 15.

Community college and career training program applications are reviewed on a rolling basis each month and finalists are contacted by email to interview and notified one month later if the application is approved.

In recent years, the demand for Central Scholarship’s services has grown exponentially. In 2015, the non-profit funded 11 percent of the students who completed their applications. One third of the scholarship recipients were the first in their families to pursue college.

About Central Scholarship
Central Scholarship, founded in 1924, awards over $1 million annually in scholarships and interest free loans for career training and undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Central Scholarship also offers College Cash® education sessions to help students and their families become more informed consumers of higher education and reduce their loan burden. For more information, visit

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CS Presenting Finding Money for College Workshops in January

Posted: 01.01.16

College Cash - Find It, Get It, Manage It logo
OWINGS MILLS, Md. (Jan. 1, 2016) – Central Scholarship will launch its 2016 College Cash ® Financial Literacy Series with the following Finding Money for College seminars:

• January 13
5:30 – 8 p.m.
University of Baltimore, School of Law
(1401 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201)

• January 14
5:30 – 8 p.m.
The Hotel at Arundel Preserve
(7795 Arundel Mills Blvd., Hanover, MD 21076)

These free workshops aim to educate students and their parents on how to manage college costs and increase the impact of federal, state and private aid.

Activities include a review of sample financial aid award letters so attendees may understand actual college costs and gaps, and an evaluation of winning scholarship essays. Presenters will highlight sources of private aid, strategies for applying and tips for submitting competitive scholarship applications.

Additionally, all students who attend are eligible to apply for an extra $5,000 in scholarships that is available only to seminar attendees.

This Spring, the College Cash ® series will continue with Managing Student Loans workshops taking place at the same venues at the same times (Baltimore: Apr 14 and Hanover: Apr. 21). For more information or to register for any of the sessions, visit or call 410-415-5558.

College Cash ® debuted in 2010 to help college-goers make wise financial choices when pursuing higher education and reduce their loan burden. In 2015, the series reached nearly 600 Maryland residents. Sessions have occurred in Baltimore City, and Anne Arundel, Baltimore and Howard counties, and Central Scholarship plans to bring them statewide.

About Central Scholarship
Central Scholarship, founded in 1924, is devoted to helping individuals in Maryland achieve a better life through higher education. Believing that education is a right, not a privilege and that scholarships are an investment, not an expense, the non-profit 501(c)(3) organization awards over $1 million annually in scholarships and interest free loans for career training and undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. For more information, visit


We Just Paid Raymond’s $30,000 Student Loan Debt

Posted: 08.06.15

On Wednesday evening, UMBC grad Raymond Major walked into Central Scholarship’s annual awards ceremony owing $32,000 in student loans. He walked out owing $2,000. Congrats for winning the $30,000 Student Loan Pay-Down award, Raymond! Scroll to the 5 minute mark in the video to view Raymond’s reaction.

Interviewed last week by Jamie Costello of ABC 2 News, Raymond said, “We invest in education but I come out now making how much I owe. So I make about $30,000 a year, but I owe $32,000, so it’s kind of hard to pay off.” Raymond was ecstatic to hear his ticket number called knowing the grand prize wipes out nearly all of his student loans. He yelled in disbelief, jumped out of his seat and ran toward the stage to accept the award. Raymond spoke to the audience recalling the moment he moved on campus at UMBC. “I wasn’t supposed to be there,” he explained, and spoke about growing up in a single-mother household. “You just changed my life,” Raymond said to Ira Wagner, the man behind the award.

Raymond graduated from UMBC with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems last year, and currently works at the Johns Hopkins I.T. help desk. He received the first ever Student Loan Pay Down award, but not the last. With the generosity of Central Scholarship board chair, Ira Wagner, and his wife, Marcia, we hope to make this award available to one student every year. Student loan debt is skyrocketing. Nearly 40 million students in the United States have borrowed $1.3 trillion dollars, and 7 in 10 graduating college seniors graduate with an average $30,000 in student loan debt. After Wednesday evening, there is one less student in Maryland battling student loan debt.

Private Scholarships Should Benefit the Student, Not the Institution

Posted: 07.19.15

Baltimore Sun Op-Ed by Central Scholarship Vice President Michele Waxman Johnson
Have you heard of higher ed  institutions reducing financial aid once a student receives a scholarship? We are shedding light on the problem, award displacement, in The Baltimore Sun.Private scholarships should benefit the student, not the institution is the title of Vice President Michele Waxman Johnson’s editorial in The Baltimore Sun. Ms. Waxman Johnson wrote about the problem of award displacement, where several higher education institutions reduce aid to students once an additional scholarship is awarded.

Ms. Waxman Johnson explains, “Often, the victims are low-income students who qualify for need-based federal, state and institutional financial aid, which universities pair with student loans and campus work-study to meet the overall cost of attendance. If such students then win a private scholarship, universities may use those funds to replace institutional money, while retaining a student’s federal loans and work-study — after the student’s financial aid award letter has been sent, sometimes even after the student has arrived on campus and started attending class.” To learn more, read the editorial on The Baltimore Sun website.

We Are Paying Off Student Loan Debt

Posted: 06.02.15

We have big news! Earlier today, Central Scholarship announced a brand-new, life changing program to our current scholarship recipients. Debt-free, or close to it – that’s the promise we make to one of our recipients in attendance at the Student Awards Ceremony on August 5! Central Scholarship will wipe out the undergraduate student loan debt, up to the national average, for one lucky recent graduate. The winner will be selected at random from those who apply. Watch this short video to learn more.