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William and Richard Shock Endowment Fund recipient Bianca Hand

Bianca, Art & Archaeology Scholar

Posted: 01.28.16

Bianca Hand graduated from The College of Wooster in 2015. Central Scholarship (CS) funded multiple years of Bianca’s studies as she completed her undergraduate degree and she was featured in a CS video last year. A Dean’s List student, Bianca earned a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology with a minor in Art History and French. This unique combination provided a specialized background that qualifies Bianca to work in a wide range of museums. She is passionate about advocating for her field and encouraging students to pursue their passion as it pertains to Archaeology, languages, and art history. As an active member of the Archaeology Student Colloquium at her school, she set up an Annual Archaeology Day on campus.

Bianca traveled to Cyprus in the summer of 2013 to perform research on archaeological sanctuaries. She also researched Italian Renaissance and Baroque art. Over one summer, Bianca had the opportunity to focus on these two periods as a volunteer at the Walters Art Museum. A Baltimore City native, Bianca frequents all of the local museums and feels lucky to have world class institutions available in her hometown. Eventually, Bianca hopes to continue on to graduate school, expand her Art History knowledge and contribute to the museum world.