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April’s Scholar of the Month

Posted: 04.30.14

Stanley L. and Dorothy Lobe Cahn Scholarship recipient Olumuyiwa Onibatedo holds his young sister

Olumuyiwa Onibatedo received the Stanley L. and Dorothy Lobe Cahn Scholarship last year.  He is a junior studying biology at Towson University.  Born in Nigeria, his decision to pursue a medical career resulted from his experiences as a child.  He recalls a deep curiosity when he visited the doctor in Nigeria and would follow the professionals around asking why and how they diagnosed their patients.  Today, he is a straight-A student despite financial difficulties.  He helps support his family in a single-mother household.  His father left abruptly several years ago so Olumuyiwa took a financial role in the family.  Olumuyiwa works and supports his younger siblings including his two-year old sister (pictured).  He writes, “I was brought up to see every struggle as a blessing in disguise, to know that everything happens for a reason, and to use my struggles as motivation for being the best I could be.”