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2013 Student Awards

Posted: 09.24.13

James Lewis (left) and Joe Mechlinski (right) at the 2013 Student Awards Ceremony

It’s been a busy summer at Central Scholarship.  We awarded over $1 million in need-based scholarships.  Two hundred students and donors gathered at the Cylburn Arboretum in July to connect and celebrate a new season of scholarships.  We were honored to have Joe Mechlinski speak to the crowd about his success.  A Baltimore native, Mechlinski (pictured on the right) overcame many obstacles in his life in order to become an author and CEO of Entrequest.  You can learn more about Joe, his business, and his New York Times bestselling book here.  James Lewis (pictured on the left) also spoke about how receiving numerous scholarships from CS helped him earn his degrees and begin his career.  We welcomed James Lewis onto our Board of Directors in September — continuing many of our scholarship recipients’ legacies of giving back after graduation.  Another former scholarship recipient, Katlin Meissinger, spoke about graduating from the University of Maryland and the impact she hopes to make in the world.

College Cash Scholarship Winners, Kadeem Khan (left) and Ijeoma Uzohu (right) at the 2013 Student Awards CeremonyWe surprised two students — Ijeoma Uzohu and Kadeem Khan — with College Cash scholarships.  Ijeoma and Kadeem participated in our College Cash financial literacy series and wrote essays identifying ways that financial literacy would help them in the future and offering up ideas for future College Cash seminars.   At our College Cash seminar, Deanne Loonin spoke about students’ right to log into the NSLDS website and check their loan types and amounts.  Ijeoma writes, “I attended four different colleges and have taken out different school loans.  Prior to this seminar, I was not sure of the kind of loans I had.  After the seminar, I logged onto the website and was able to figure out the types of loans I have and now I am working on consolidating my loans.  One might think that students should be aware of this information but in reality, many students are uninformed.”Central Scholarship recipients at the 2013 Student Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to all of the 2013 scholarship recipients!  Our students’ stories continue to inspire us.  We are so thankful to award over $1 million in scholarships to yet another deserving group of hard-working students.  It is because of the generous donations we receive from our donors that we are able to do the work that we do.  Thank you!